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Il dottor Knok, ovvero il trionfo della medicina” by J. Remains,1923

A young doctor arrives in a mountain village to take the place of the GP because the old doctor of the village is transferring to a big city. The village was located in countryside, and the inhabitants were living in a simple way, whit a very low medicalization. So the old doctor didn't have a lot of work, and he didn’t earn very much, and his work was sometimes boring. When the young doctor, called doctor Knok came things changed very rapidly. He started to use a personal method in his work: with the help of the teacher and the pharmacist, he was able to transform all the inhabitants in just three months, because they began to feel ill, and a lot of people started to take unnecessary medicine and stayed in bed almost all day, so all the inhabitants became real sick.

Performance of the theatre play “Knock or the triumph of medicine” by the trainees and the teachers of Vocational Training in General Practice (2004-2006), Trento.
This play by Jules Romains, shown for the first time in Paris in December 1923, describes issues which are now very topical, including the excessive medicalization of normal aspects of human life, cleverly highlighting how the society tends to emphasize or invent new pathologies in order to turn healthy people into ill patients.

All the three-year course trainees had a role in the play and this teaching experience helped create a particular work climate, favoring group relations and learning, with consequent lesser hesitation and greater self-control and control of one’s own emotions in these role-playing and simulation sessions.

The theatre experience, where trainees were the real protagonists, has been an important teaching tool to improve personal relational and communication skills in the framework of the training course in General Practice of the Trento School.


La commedia di Jules Romains, rappresentata per la prima volta a Parigi nel dicembre 1923, anticipa temi di estrema attualità, centrale tra questi la ad ogni costo di aspetti normali della vita umana, evidenziando argutamente come la società tenda a enfatizzare o inventare patologie al fine di trasformare i sani in persone malate.

Gli specializzandi (e alcuni docenti) del triennio 2004-2006 della Scuola di Formazione Specifica in MG di Trento, hanno recitato una parte nella commedia e questa esperienza didattica ha creato un particolare clima di lavoro collettivo e ha favorito molto l’interazione di gruppo e l’apprendimento, con conseguente minore titubanza e maggior padronanza di sé e delle proprie emozioni nella realizzazione di role playing e simulazioni.

L’esperienza teatrale, vissuta dagli specializzandi in prima persona come protagonisti, ha rappresentato un importante strumento didattico per migliorare le proprie capacità relazionali e comunicative all’interno del percorso formativo della Scuola di formazione in Medicina Generale di Trento. 

The dr. Knock a selection first part
The dr. Knock a selection second part
The dr. Knock a selection third part
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