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This is the English version of the CLIPSLAB-IT website edited by Fabrizio Valcanover and Norma Sartori. It contains only those activities and writings that have been produced or translated into English.



It was recently published on SIMZINE an article about the peculiarities of territorial medical simulations

Simulations and territorial medicine  by Fabrizio Valcanover e Norma Sartori

Recent article by Norma Sartori e Fabrizio Valcanover on health and disease in old age


Dealing with Older Patients: Health and Disease in Old Age


In this chapter the focus of our attention is on the older person who is not necessarily sick. The key concepts are the subjectivity and personal experiences of the patient. In connection to these perceptions, the patient generates his/her hypotheses of diagnosis and therapy, which he or she then brings to the consultation and that influence his/her relationship with the medical and care staff. .... (continue ....)

Using the Simulated Patient to teach the management of a depressed foreign patient at suicide risk: “a video lecture”

presented at  Wonca, Berlin December 2020

by Norma Sartori e Fabrizio Valcanover

Watch Here the Video:

Published on the book

The Role of Family Physicians in Older People Care Editors (view affiliations) Jacopo Demurtas Nicola Veronese

Illustrates an evidence-based approach to the older patient in several settings and conditions

Explores quaternary prevention and deprescribing

Presents the main scores and core features of geriatrics suitable for family physicians


Simulated patient

About Our Methodology

Teaching and Workshops


A workshop about the "patient's voice” Clinical, relational aspects and patient empowerment in general practice through the methodology of the simulated patient.

Workshop on Vasco da Gama Movement Forum - Movimento Giotto Tourin Friday 27, September 2019

Description Workshop

Workshop Report


Deal With Vulnerability in primary care: an educational experience in Vocational Training and General Practice in Italy.

video presented at the European Forum in Primary Care conference - Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 23-25 September 2018

Video presented: Guglielmo's Story (5 min edit for Creta)
          link youtube

VOcational training in gp/FM in italy


A story of Vocational Training in FM/GPin Trento 2000-2009

Educational Training in Family Medicine (FM) in the Developing European Contest. The Trento’s and Maastricht’s school experience


The school’s programme presented at the 2006 WONCA European Meeting in Amsterdam

The School Program of 2003: 2003-2005 Syllabus 

cultural path

Il dottor Knok, the triumph of medicine by J. Remains,1923
Performance of the theatre play "Knock or the triumph of medicne" by the trainees and the teachers of Vocational Training in General Practice (2004-2006), Trento


Fabrizio Valcanover Psychitrist, GP/FM from 1980 to 2018 in Trento IT. Teacher by Vocational Trianing in GP Trento IT

Sartori N - Valcanover F biref curriculum(2020)


Norma Sartori GP/FM from 1996 in Cembra (TN) Italy. Teacher by Vocational Trianing in GP Trento IT

Sartori N - Valcanover F biref curriculum(2020)


Citizen as simulated patients: Veronica Pasti , Raffaele Vergara Giacomo Ferrari, Ewa Wisnlewska


Secretary work and website 

Flavio Valcanover

INFO: address:  Via Brennero 260/B - Trento

Phone: 0461 830784 (tue-fri 10 - 12)

E-mail :

only some parts are in English in this section

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