N. Sartori and F. Valcanover attended the Wonca (Virtual) Conference 2020, which took place in Berlin from 17 to 19 December.

On this occasion they presented a video lecture entitled "Using ..... at suicide risk"


Watch the Video:

Vasco da Gama Movement Forum - Movimento Giotto

Turin Friday 27, September 2019

Workshop with the methodology of simulated patient

Clinical, relational aspects and patient empowerment in general practice through the methodology of the simulated patient.

A workshop about the "patient's voice” Description Workshop

Norma Sartori, GP/FM,Teacher,Tutor
Fabrizio Valcanover, Psychiatrist,Teacher, past GP/FM 


Intervista sul Paziente Simulato
Norma Sartori e Fabrizio Valcanover
Immagine Intervista paziente simulato.pn

In occasione del congresso Nazionale SIMMED tenutosi a Firenze nel mese di giugno 2019

In Evidenza


Sipem Newsletter 83 Maggio 2021

Nella newsletter di maggio la SIPEM propone un nutrito menù di interessanti proposte scientifiche, mediche e formative:

Le simulazioni come terra di mezzo:

Il circolo virtuoso tra teoria e pratica 

Viene inoltre annunciato un master sulle pratiche narrative con scadenza (per le iscrizioni) il 14 maggio 2021.

In particolare “Metodologie e pratiche narrative nei contesti di cura”  - più informazioni QUI

Congresso-nazionale-SIMMED 2021.jpg

Il Congresso Nazionale Virtuale SIMMED 21 si svolgerà online Mercoledì 23 Giugno 2021 dalle ore 9:30 alle 18:30. Al congresso saranno presenti relatori nazionali e internazionali coinvolti in sessioni in streaming, workshop online, video abstract.


AMEE 2021: A Virtual Conference
27-30th August 2021
Redefining Health Professions Education Together
EFPC 2021 Bergen Conference
5-7 September 2021 - Bergen, Norway
Primary and long-term care in the age of changing boundaries: Policy, practice and imagination.

riflessioni sui temi relativi alla Simulazione, le basic skill e le competenze (agite) del professionista.

Immagine x sipem aperitivo mag21.jpg

Punti di Vista

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COVID-19. Syndemic or pandemic?  The weight of inequalities.

Financial Times: Covid-19 is really a syndemic.(pdf)
Here’s some uplifting news: we are no longer in a pandemic. There is, alas, a catch: we are instead trapped in a “syndemic”. ....

The Lancet - COVID-19 is not a pandemic - Richard Horton (link)
As the world approaches 1 million deaths from COVID-19, we must confront the fact that we are taking a far too narrow approach to managing this outbreak of a new coronavirus.

Thinking of medical practice and philosophy of medicine

Presidents' Letter - Ibn- I Sina (AVICENNA) and Research

Prof. Mehmet Ungan WONCA Europe President

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