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What does it mean to teach humanities and social sciences in medicine?

Are they taught or are part of the culture of every human being?


We do not want to give answers but just give suggestions and propose points of view, experiences, and projects.

The debate is open.

Give me a doctor

Give me a doctor partridge plump, short in the leg and broad in the rump, an endomorph with gentle hands, who'll never make absurd demands that I abandon all my vices,

or pull a long face in a crisis,

but with a twinkle in his eye,

will tell me that I have to die.


Wystan Hugh Auden (1907-1973)

Writer - Mostra Roma luglio 2017

The South African novelist Andrè Brink wrote:
“ a world which is increasingly threatened by famine and illness, violence and war, refuges, dictators and crowds of oppressed people, the word culture may risk becoming obscene. This is true only if we insist on considering culture as a reserve of a few privileged people, instead of considering it as the generator of meaning in a society. Hunger exists and can be appeased only by bread and not by a piece of music. The recognition of the full human nature of a woman does not depend on a painting. But this does not mean that humankind does not need music, literature, theatre or painting.” (non official translation from italian)

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